Business Technology Consulting – Having a plan is almost always half the battle. Robinson Consulting provides your business with a proactive approach to your technology infrastructure. Knowing where you are going can save thousands of dollars from missteps and unnecessary purchases and decisions that can deviate you from your path. Robinson Consulting can provide your business with a Technology Road Map that can make sure that vital components like DR (Disaster Recovery) are built into your long term IT infrastructure and budget. Robinson Consulting has a background in IT infrastructure that gives your business a competitive advantage in building your IT technology. Having a plan will help you separate the hype from the buzz words and knee jerk purchases and outdated technology.

Cloud Services – Cloud computing simply put, is leveraging someone else’s investment in computing resources that you can now access using the internet. Due to the internet’s continuing evolution of speeding things that could only be imagined are now possible. Along with this possibility is also a need to proceed with some caution as exposure increases vulnerability. Robinson Consulting gives you real-world use cases to grow your company leveraging the power of cloud computing. Our Business Technology consulting service gives your business an idea of where they are with technology and a road map for the future to ensure that all solutions you implement are going to that future technology goal. Robinson Consulting does this initial consultation at no cost and provides you with a grade in the different areas so you can see deficiencies and can address them as time and budget permit. (Infographic) Our technology approach is a building block approach to technology. We first focus on infrastructure, cabling wireless access, security, networking once those systems are in place and stable then we address productivity issues like communications, collaboration, printing, digital storage, Email then we focus on automation tools and techniques link CRM, HR, billing. Understanding the cloud and how your business can benefit from the use is a question we work with you to understand. As a channel partner of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft we help you decide which platform is best to fits your needs based on your current technology, processes, and technology roadmap.